Brian Tranmer
P.O. Box 905
Genesee Unit
Ray Brook, NY 12977-0300

May 13, 1998

Louv Carl,

I'm here at work (in the Recreation Department) watching the ever growing wickedness (on a world level on CNN & a more personal level with the people around me) of humanity.  I don't know if you got my last letter but I wanted to add a few things to my response to "Goud Head".  He mentioned that my father "would turn on you (and you agreed, with the example where he beat you with a stick in Arkansas) in a minute if he got the right opportunity".  Well just to set the record straight I want it to be known that my father is the most loyal man I know, even to the point of fanaticism.  Just in case, "Goud Head", doesn't know my father got a 35 year sentence (which is a life sentence for ganja) because he chose not to turn traitor (I would doubt if most of those "Goud Heads" could have stayed strong under the immense pressure that he has) on his brothers in the face of losing everything including his life.  Most people don't know that the "Beast" offered him a deal (much reduced sentence) if he would give them as much information as (of course, they also ask us about some of the Coptic brothers) possible, but because of the loyal, stand-up, person he is he told them to, "go fuck themselves!!"   I just don't like to see people, who haven't gone through half of the loyalty test that my father has, talk bullshit.  Yes, he does voice the hypocrisy (mind you, he doesn't proclaim to be without sin) that his, supposed, brothers have displayed through the years, but he does it with Louv in his heart.
    Another thing, I heard that certain people feel that you, or maybe us, are "casting their pearls before swine", but before this I have never asked you to put anything I wrote (as far as I know it was just correspondence between me and you, but even so I don't talk about things that I think would incriminate anyone) on the Inter-Net computer system.  Me nor my father has access to a computer so neither of us knows what you have on your site.
    You go by the guidance of your spirit just like the rest of us do and you've always been a good brother to me and my father so I trust that your spirit is guiding you in the direction of destiny.  We can only follow what our spirit believes to be right.  Only our conscience & the Almighty will be the final judge.   From my understanding there is other ways of being a traitor besides revealing secrets.  I would call a person who didn't follow through with his promise of friendship and brotherhood a traitor too.
    From my experience I've learned to judge people by their heart (I've been in prison for seven years now and I've come across every manner of man preaching every kind of religion & doing every imaginable ritual and the only thing that sets people apart is their hearts) rather than by their words or outward appearance.  When I was growing up amongst the brothers and getting some form of discipline I would hear that in the "World" (meaning outside of the brothers) I wouldn't have received so much Louv (mind you, a lot of the times when they punished the youth was more out of frustration than Louv and if I saw that kind of shit now, as a big man, I would punish them big "Goud Heads" with some physical licks in their Bloodholes) during my punishment.  Well now I've experienced "Nuff" of the world and know they were full of shit.  Mind you, there are some good principles that were instilled in me by growing up amongst the brothers, which I'm grateful for, but obviously they didn't have the key to Louv, only Jah, the Almighty has that.  "Humble yourselves as the babe & suckling and maybe Goud will come into your hearts."   One Louv, Brian