Pot, not beer

    According to the Aug. 31 article "Marley, Beer Don't Mix; Suit Pending, Family Says," late reggae great Bob Marley was a Rastafarian who did not approve of the use of alcohol, and his estate is suing a beer company for using his image in a beer advertisement.
    Something your article failed to mention is that Rastafarians use marijuana as a religious sacrament.
    Isn't it strange that Des Moines has a Bob Marley Festival every year that is sponsored by local drinking establishments?  If that weren't insulting enough, these same drinking establishments were offended when someone showed up a couple of years ago with signs saying "Legalize Pot."
    Maybe someone should alert these folks before Marley's estate gets wind of what they are doing."

-- Carl E. Olsen,
state coordinator,
National Organization
for the Reform of Marijuana Laws,
1116 E. Seneca Ave., Des Moines.

Saturday, September 6, 1997, Page 8A

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