Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg-
So much for the First Amendment

Tod Mikuriya

In a Court of Appeals ruling on June 20, 1989, in Carl Eric Olsen vs. Drug Enforcement Administration: Olsen, a priest of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church, sought federal approval for church members to use marijuana as a religious sacrament. The court of appeals ruled against Olsen in an opinion written by Ginsburg.

'We hold that the First Amendment's free exercise of religion guarantee does not require the requested exception, and that petitioner (0lsen) was not denied equal protection-establishment clause rights by the government's refusal."

Ginsberg displays her adherence to a bigoted consensus excluding the use of cannabis as a religious sacrament. She joins the collective denial of the judiciary despite extensive evidence of cannabis use in the Hindu and other religions. A Jew sold out to the pharaohs. Capo for the state.

"We conclude that the DEA cannot accommodate Olsen's religious use of marijuana without unduly burdening or disrupting enforcement of the federal marijuana laws."

She unwittingly acknowledges Olsen's religious motivation for using marijuana. She then affirms and rationalizes his persecution. The grounds: inability of the vast DEA organization to accommodate are "burdening and disrupting". Ginsberg, state religious persecutor.

Judge Ruth Bader Ginsberg bares her view of the state and the individual which is clearly authoritarian, and will guarantee the continuation of the erosion of civil rights by the supreme court.