Re: Police State

Date: 7/5/97
Time: 11:32:48 PM
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I can understand your frustration, but I would compare the situation to that of slavery (although it's certainly not as bad as slavery).  Slavery was wrong, and a lot of people knew it.  However, as a slave, there wasn't much you could do about it.  You had to think about survival.  The advantage that we have today is that we are not as enslaved as black people were 150 years ago.  Also, as ganja users, we have the option of abstaining from our sacrament, a luxury which black people did not have during slavery.  Personally, I've stopped smoking ganja, since it makes it too easy for them to oppress me.  As a non-user, I can advocate for change and educate the public without fear of intimidation.  It's going to be a long, slow process.  We had slavery for over 400 years.  Let's pray that the wicked oppression of ganja users doesn't last that long.

Sincerely, Carl Olsen