Re: Need help concerning Rastafari

Date: 7/30/97
Time: 11:43:42 AM
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Rastafari Greetings,

This is in reference to the article posted "need help concerning Rastafari."  Perhaps InI (We the people (Rastafari), could help each other (InI) expand our awareness, wisemind and overstanding on the subject.  Iself am not an expert, but a humble student of JAH RASTAFARI and Life, as are many of the Idren, Bredrens and Sistrens, the International Rastafari Community, I-Family.  Firstly let I say that it is not as easy as reading books, though this is a starting point.  Nor should one believe that he or she is a Rastafari, just because they like or enjoy reggae or the message found in the music, (again: starting point).  Next Rastafari is not here to convert one, for only JAH can plant that seed, water and nurture it.  And then let I say that Rastafari is always aware of the wolves in sheep clothing.  This is just some of the things that are common knowledge amongst Bredrens and Sistrens.  Like the wind, who feels H.I.M. knows H.I.M.  Once the seed has been planted and cared for it must go through a growth (learning) stage, flower and bloom (mature).  One must also gain the confidence of others within the Movement of Rastafari, in order to gain the inner or secret (Light) knowledge of Rastafari the wisemind and overstanding.  The reality of truth, sighting His Imperial Majesty HAILE SELASSIE I, JAH-RASTAFARI, Afrika, Ithiopia, Zion, Pride and Dignity, Equal Rights and Justice standing for all JAH people, Peace and Love, Oneness, Ganjah etc....  Rastafari is not an easy trod in the modern world, nor is it easy to hold the torch of Rastafari...burn babylon, burn.  One must be presistant... in order to have a better world.  Most of all Rastafari is "very serious," as InI are living in "critical" time, fighting the forces of the evil, babylon.  Remember to Give Thanks and Praises, Itinually, Unconditionally to JAH RASTAFARI the Creator of Creation... Livicate every breath I take, to H.I.M. Pray, I say to the Living I, HAILE SELASSIE I JAH RASTAFARI for E(I)ternal Life and Live!  Until such time, as more time allows!  JAH RASTAFARI Guide and Protect, in InI going out as well as InI coming in...

Ras Iyah Ben Makahna HOUSE OF RASTAFARI Guam and the Isles of the Marianas

P.S. Questions can either be posted here to be discussed by those who would brighten the Light of Rastafari or channeled to InI at <> or <> whereas I may direct correspondence to other within the Movement of Rastafari!  Global Solidarity a must!