By Walter Wells, Spiritual Leader, Servant of Goud

    "When the strong oppress the weak, and men sell, or condone the selling of, their brother's liberty, to achieve fading gold SLAVERY, OPPRESSION, HATRED and CRIME, will be the order of the day.  Man must examine his conscience to see if what he pours out, is what he would readily receive" -- The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church.

    It has been said by modern historians, that the scarcity of written records has enshrouded the history of Africa in mystery and ignorance: this is not so.  The first recorded history is man, and so history could not be that written piece of paper, but the experience of an individual or people written on the tablets of man's heart.  The history therefore of any Nation belongs only to its people, and so the history of we Ethiopians has been told from generation to generation even until this day.

    It is for this reason that, although the forces of evil conspire against us, we of the Coptic Faith know that the leopard cannot change its spots, neither can we alter the commandments and precepts handed down by our fathers; from generation to generation, as a guiding light to lighten all Nations, even the Gentiles, and for the glorification of his people Israel.


    The Deity of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church may be unknown to the billions of Gentiles scattered over the earth, with the exception of the faithful few who are fighting bravely to guide their Nation's life.  However it is not new to the millions of blackman scattered over the earth like sand on the sea shore, even those in America and elsewhere.  It is an inward spirit that once guided Israel along the troubled waters of the past; which he lost because of his disobedience to his teacher and creator, and received the punishment of slavery as a curse; under seven different world powers starting with Egypt, to the British American world power of today.

    Punishment by slavery, because blackman had in ages before, and even today, stooped as a scum upon the earth, inferior to the entire race of human beings, and has sold his brother into slavery to be used and tormented by his enemies as a mockery upon our creative heritage that even today, had not their been a righteous branch among us, we also would be like Sodom and Gommorrah.  This dastardly act was contrary to Goud's declaration of individual freedom for every man on earth.  Slavery among Israel came about because we failed to respect each other and in time we became covetous and rebellious against each other.  There was no brotherly louv or trust among brethren of the different tribes and so the strong preyed upon the weak, and sold his own brother into slavery for the sake of money (caesar), which Europeans taught us was the savior from our miseries.  Before this, when we walked in obedience to Goud, we were taught to keep the commandments and walk in christian principles.  Charity, justice, equality, manliness and respect were also taught.

    That spirit of unity, that existed in Israel before they
transgressed and were placed into captivity, is still burning and will one day ignite into an eternal flame of desire; the desire to free themselves once and for all from the political slavery brought upon them through their own foolish imaginations, which caused them to be disobedient to Goud.  The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church is now in the process of igniting this flame, and very soon we will see billions of blackman worldwide and the strangers within their gates uniting and giving acclaim to RASTAFARI, KING, CREATOR; who with blessings has returned to reign, reign over HIS PEOPLE; - ISRAEL.


From Egypt to Rome.

    The history of Israel's suffering under slavery during the time of the first six world powers, Egypt, Assyria, Great Babylon, Meda-Persia, Greece and Rome, is well recorded in the Holy Bible, the guidebook of every Nation to resurrect the spirit of moral consciousness, for a moral and spiritual rearmament - man in relationship with his Creator.

    What is unknown to the millions who have been lost in vanity fair, including the millions of blackman around the world, whose heritage and dynasty the Coptic Church now declare, is THE HISTORY OF THE BLACKMAN TODAY, FROM THE PERIOD OF THE ROMAN EMPIRE.  Let us now continue the history of their sufferings, from the latter part of the Roman Empire until today, the day upon which you read this epistle.

From Rome to the British American world power.

    During the latter days of the Roman Empire, the church of Rome, or the Catholic Church as we know it today, was the only recognized church worldwide.   It was not until the period of revolution both in England and on the continent, that the church of England, or Anglican church, was formed, then the Quakers, etc.   The Pope of Rome, who was the head of the church, was regarded as the most powerful man in the earth, and received obeisance from kings, princes, cardinals, bishops, abbots and priests.

    There were many Nations which were oppressed by the Roman Empire such as Britain, Spain, Portugal and France.  All the great trades were carried out by the merchants of Venice.  As a result, other Nations made their own routes of trade by sailing along the coasts of Africa.  The first to make contact with the natives were the Portuguese during the sixteenth century.  They bought blackman as slaves from the Arabs who had earlier bought them from our own black brothers who had grown to be covetous and rebellious to Goud, as shown earlier in this article. (See Coptic Deity, 2)

Blackman Deceived.

    In the sixteenth century when the Portuguese and Spanish adventurers and oppressors started commerce on the continent of Africa, America and the Far East, they were accompanied by the Roman Catholic Church, who under the disguise of missionary priests were used as the agents of pagan religion to spread propaganda and subvert the Goud given Culture and beliefs of the people who they found living in the lands wherein they traded and settled.  Because we warred among each other, we were classified as barbarians, wild animals who needed to be civilised.

    Their first deception would be to use their gifts of enchantments to capture the moral spirit of the people.  When they had won the hospitality of the people, they would indoctrinate them with their pagan Roman religion of a sky god called Geysus, hoping they could persuade the natives to give their praise and anthem to their Pope in Rome.  This they did under the pretense of civilisation.

    So flourishing and financially successful was the selling of blackman into slavery, that wars broke out among the traders for supremacy and full control of the trade.  Britain finally won supremacy in the eighteenth century.


The seventh and last plague; British/American world power.

    The history of every country today gives a clear picture of the early stages of slavery under the British American world power.  History shows that of over twenty to twenty-four million Blackman enslaved from Africa only fifteen to twenty million survived the horrors meted out to them during their trips to the Americas.   The Coptic Church today holds the British Imperial government responsible for the blood of over four to nine million Black Israel massacred under a bandulu government during the period of the slave trade.

    Our suffering, even to the period of emancipation in 1838, is well known and would not be wise to deal with in detail.  Let me bring you closer, however, to the present situation, as it affects us today; and so I start with the period 1765.  This was the period Brother Editor, when you the suffering people of America, pressured by your colonial masters to the point of extinction, placed your shoulders to the wheel in a united effort, to once and for all remove the shackles of British supremacy and corrupt oppressive administration on your colonies.

    You stood up not because you were British subjects on British soil, yet because you had a moral conscience in the equality and rights of every man to live upon the earth as a free man; without enslavement from his brother.  We as a people admired your courage for the steps you took in those times.  However, one-hundred years after, when we, who were considered by your colonial masters as barbarians of an inferior race, could no longer bear the pressures of oppression and human destruction laid upon us, and having had our long years of grievances fall upon deaf ears, our race, under the able leadership of Paul Bogle, National Hero and Servant of Goud, rose to the challenge.  Yet because we were divided among ourselves, we failed and Bogle was executed by his oppressors.

    As the years rolled on, the British world power by itself became weakened, as many of her colonies gained independence.  As a result, she had to share her power with her younger sister America.  The centre of power was removed from Britain and vested in a mixed worldwide international political organisation, the League of Nations, now called the United Nations, a cage of hateful and unclean, corrupt political birds.


Rise of a Prophet.

    Fifty years after the execution of Bogle, and around the same time, when the British Empire fell and they conspired in setting up the United Nations, Goud rose up the Prophet Marcus Garvey in Jamaica, the headquarters of the slave trade in the West Indies, the now head of attraction and Biblical lisle of Patmos, where the head of civilisation is.  His message was the same as that of Bogle, only that as a son he was wiser and did not believe in the use of guns and bayonets.  His mission was as a forerunner to Louv Williams, a faithful disciple of Marcus and upon whose shoulder the mantle of leadership fell, so that we, both Jews and Gentiles, can partake of this great spiritual resurrection.  Marcus had started the preparation for the spiritual resurrection of the world at large.  However, because of the animosity and division between black and white, and the scar of slavery and demolition of his people, he had to set about to rebuild the moral conscience of black man, who is the most precious gem, the chosen race of Goud.

    It is the same United Nations of today who fought against the Deity of Marcus and persecuted him, even as the American government, an agent of the United Nations, is today persecuting the Coptic Church.  Every nation fights against Herb, the Sacrifice of the Black Goud.  They claim they fight against it because it is a United Nations agreement.  Let the world know that this United Nations is only a worldwide political conspiracy of 1914 when the British world power failed; and when blackman should have been redeemed to his home land, they conspired and set up Politics and thus divided the black suffering masses under the bogus agency called the United Nations, who in its effort to keep the people divided, and thus weak, made their Sacrament to their Goud, the Herb, illegal by their illegal councils.

    During the period of Marcus Garvey, a new spirit of unity had awakened in the people, both in Jamaica and America, as it is today through the teachings of the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church.  As a result, the political leaders of the time conspired against him and imprisoned him, at the same time spreading propaganda that he was dead.  By so doing they were able to kill the fire kindled in the hearts of the people, by this great moral teacher.

Early days of Tribulation.

    After the imprisonment of the Prophet Marcus; the lot of the black masses worldwide became unbearable, as they were brutally manipulated by the society of the time.  So severely oppressed were they by their colonial masters, that even when in 1937 to 1938, when Bustamante declared himself as an advocate of the people, he was received and looked upon as the Moses who would deliver and return them to the Promised Land, wherein dwells Louv, Peace, Happiness and Prosperity.  The promise of deliverance and final peace of mind was promised through our forefather Abraham, and this promise still lives in the hearts of millions worldwide today.

    When Bustamante came to Jamaica in the 1930's, he was unknown to the masses.  He later started business as a money lender among the poor masses and, by doing so, was able to win the confidence of the people.  With the assistance of St. William Grant, one of Garvey's chief lieutenants, he was able to capture the hearts of the people, who thought and looked upon him as the Moses who would deliver them from their perils.  However, Bustamante was not a national figure, and so he could not represent the welfare of a national people.  His help to the masses was only an opportunity to seek power and riches for himself and to further divide the race against itself.

    As the prophecy said, "Smite the Shepherd and the sheep will be scattered."  The masses who were left without any moral leader to cater for their welfare, adhered to the leadership of Bustamante.  Because he was not ordained as a priest or leader of Goud's people, Bustamante failed to resurrect the moral and ethical principles of the people and to guide them to a land of peace and safety as promised to our forefather Abraham, that Patriarch of old.  Instead, he could only organise the people into divided political forces, thus weakening their strength for liberating themselves for instead of the masses on the one hand and the colonial masters on the other, the people were now divided among themselves under the disguise of POLITICS.  Trade unions were set up to control the people's labour; and the same oppressors were the ones who negotiated the wages of the suffering people, being ably supported by these political weaklings called Trade unions.

    Soon after, the black masses lost the spirit of a moral awakening, kindled in their hearts by that great moral teacher, Marcus Messiah Garvey.   Many of his ardent followers like St. William Grant were captured by these political forces, who with the help of the various pagan religious groups, returned to the pagan religious practice of worshipping an imaginary sky god.


"LOUV" the first fruit of them that slept.

    Since the advent of politics upon the black masses in Jamaica, we succumbed to the dark shadows that loomed around us; and many slept in darkness, having no hope of attaining liberty except on the wheels of the political system which was instituted by the "Buckie Massa's" of the time.  Yet, while many slept and became dormant in their spirit, there was one disciple of Marcus who was fervent in the spirit of Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding, who took the mantle of Faith, Hope and Charity, to lighten the pathway of us, the masses, in this present generation, so that we could not in this time be deceived, as in the time of our fathers.

    I speak of Louv Williams, the first fruit of us who are in darkness within this dispensation.  Louv Williams' charge was for the spiritual awakening of his people from the bonds of moral slavery, serfs and peons, and the inferiority complex which we of the black masses had adopted as our final lot in today's world.

    Louv resurrected our moral values and purpose in life, placed us on the right path to individual salvation, as was our custom and culture before we were placed under the awful curse of slavery.  The final advent started in the late 1930's when politics was introduced upon the poor masses of Jamaica.  Louv Williams, who would not bow to political forces, first started his declaration of Rastafari's Holy Trinity (The Man, The Herb and The Word), the true Deity of Marcus, at Mountain View, Southeastern St. Andrew, Jamaica.  During this period, there were brethren like Count Ossie, Jah Lloyd and Bongo Blackheart (now of the natty dread faith) among many others attending school at Jerusalem schoolroom, under the distinguished tutorship of Louv Williams.

    Because many who came to the knowledge were disobedient and contrary to sound doctrine, they later left the faith and were captured by the princes of the air.  They adopted a false culture as taught by Hilton and others who were captivated by the religious political forces of 1938.  This false doctrine of Rastafari rose up in the 1950's with its roots in the western section of the corporate area of Kingston, Jamaica, and was formulated by the unprincipled ones in Louv Williams' Camp, who would not live up to the Divine principles of the Holy Bible as taught, and were therefore not allowed to partake in the Sacraments, as they were disorderly.  These, not spiritual minded, soon withered away when tribulations started, and so went and invented their own version of Rastafari, touching only their geneology, yet not the Divinity of PERSONAL ACCEPTANCE through the SON.

    During the early days of Louv's declaration at Mountain View, we of the masses were unable to own any land of consequent value.  As a result, most of our Camp sites were on captured government lands.  We were in those times called squatters by our religious and political oppressors and society as a whole.  TODAY THE SQUATTERS ARE STILL HERE WAITING ON THEIR JUSTICE.  In the early part of 1960, after many attacks upon brethren by a wicked covetous and corrupted Poor Lice (police) force, the Camp was removed to August Town in the hills of St. Andrew, Jamaica.  It was first sited on University of the West Indies lands now subdivided into the land settlement called Kintyre.  The Camp was sited at Wilpit, across the Hope river, on a portion of land legally owned by one Mammy Louv, but captured and occupied for a long time by a Coptic brother named Son Latuce.  This brother later left the Faith, joined the security guard, and was stabbed to death.

    During our stay at Wilpit, we were subjected to various political harassment, and even one present day Jamaican Minister of government, Keble-you-Feeble-you-Dunn, who was M.P. for the political constituency where the Camp was located, fought against us, saying the Camp should be removed seven miles from the university, as they could not take the Kuminas that we played.  The Camp was then moved to Hall's Delight, further in the hills, on lands owned by a brother named Massa Bouy Brooks.  Upon this spot mighty works were performed, the history of which will be recorded for future volumes.  It is, however, worthy to note at this stage that during the era of Marcus, and the early advent of Louv, we as black brethren did not know that the white man also would be saved in Goud's eternal kingdom.  This feeling came about because of their terrible brutalising of the race and the conflict caused by the RAPE OF ETHIOPIA by these WHITE EUROPEANS.

    However, before he transfigured, Brother Louv prophesied the unification of black and white under one Holy Trinity.  We witnessed the fulfillment of this prophecy when, in the latter part of the 1960's, we saw the first white man set foot in Camp, and, being individually convinced of the TRUTH of the doctrine, accepted Christ as his Saviour, confessing his SINS, and partaking in the daily worship, equally with the black brethren.  Louv also prophesied that we would witness the resurrection of the Eternal Spirit on the third Day, meaning the third and eternal leadership in this final dispensation of time of the Church worldwide, which is today's period (THESE ARE THE GENERATION OF US THAT SEEK THY FACE O JESUS Selah).  In 1969, Brother Louv transfigured and ascended to his Brethren.

Coming of the Son: A short work in Righteousness.

    History records that, like in the era of Marcus, many brethren who were weak in the Faith, became dis-illusioned on his departure, and so were swallowed up by the various political elements of the world.  So it was also in the period after the transfiguration and ascension of Louv.  Many brethren who were weak in the Faith, and many who did not lay his great spiritual teachings to heart, were early led into captivity, and many forgot the principles and precepts for which they once stood.

    However, there were a few who still kept the zeal burning, and chief among them was one filled with the spirit of Grace and Truth, Humble Mantle of Louv in 1969 gathered together Louv's brethren, who were scattered abroad.  It was Brother Ivy who fully opened the doors of Salvation to the white inhabitants of the world within this dispensation, and taught black and white to unite together for one common cause (not for the liberation of the race only, yet), worldwide liberation from SIN and a return to the spirit of oneness in Jes-us our Lord and King Eternal, knowing that there is only one Goud for all races.  During his period of leadership, he prophesied the removal of the Church to the western section of the island.  His work was a short work in Righteousness, to unite mankind in one common cause.  He transfigured and ascended to his brethren in 1970.


Brother "KEEP" - The shepherd of Brethren.

    Those he mark for his own he keepeth them.  In 1970, Elder "Keeper of the Flock" Gordon took over the Mantle of leadership, thus, fulfilling the prophecy of Brother Louv of his resurrected Spirit in the third and eternal leadership of the Church worldwide as we now see it today.  It was during his early period of divine leadership that the Camp was removed from Hall's Delight in St. Andrew, Jamaica, to the Crown Land, Trelawny, in the western section of the island, thus, fulfilling another prophecy as foretold by Brother Ivy earlier.  From this new site many received Salvation, both Jews and Gentiles, and so the Church grew from strength to strength, increasing in numbers daily.

    Within this period we were able to plan constructively the proper course on which to sail.  We were able to increase our agricultural production on a better planned basis, chiefly because we were on our own lands.  Cattle rearing was done extensively, as also poultry, etc.  Even upon our own lands we were subjected to political harassment; and one government minister even remarked that because we were teaching the people to be independent, he could not get anyone to work on his banana plantation.  During this period, we had our fields destroyed by government army helicopters which landed in our fields, destroying our crops and our house tops.   We were falsely locked up, then released without being charged.  Our legal properties were seized, and some stolen, under the disguise of law.  Our divine services were broken up at random.

    The area, however, was mountainous, and very soon there was not enough pastureland for our cattle, and so, after settling in various parishes, such as St. Elizabeth, Manchester and Kingston, we finally settled at Coptic Heights, St. Thomas, once more in the East, for the final battle with modern Pharaoh.  With more land space, we were able to expand our resources and make sounder planning.  We were able to establish a fully accredited farming institution: - The Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church Farms Eternal Limited, compromising over one thousand acres of land fully cultivated and pastured.  On this farm we cultivate, vegetables, ground provisions, fruits, peanuts, escallion, thyme, onions, peas, melons, pumpkins, okras, bananas, sugar cane.  There is also over one thousand head of beef and dairy cattle, horses, donkeys, goats, sheep, mules and over two thousand head of poultry.  A native lumber industry is also operated by cutting wood from the trees on the farm and sometimes buying from outside supplies.  Coal is burned for the trade, and a stone quarry is operated.  We were also able to establish a trucking department which, along with the produce of the farm, assists the brethren in their everyday needs.  Today, as we look back at our past journey, and of a vast experiment of six thousand years, which are now coming to a close, the achievement that we have made, we now know that these could not be achieved by black alone, or white alone, yet by a united people, fulfilling the Mysteries of Goud in those who fear him and keep his commandments.


    Coptic is the Bible understanding in this present generation.   The entire world today is burdened with SIN, from which, up to now, they have refused to be liberated.

(1) Religion has failed to inspire the generation of today, because their doctrine of a sky god is bogus and without foundation, so that even the ministers of pagan religion are within themselves doubtful of its authenticity.

(2) Commerce has failed, because, by their works, the inhabitants can see plainly that they are corrupt in their dealings and selfish in their gains.  This institution serves only to disorganise the people and to uphold the class barrier placed upon us by our slave masters, and so in this time we see the falling apart of Caesar's kingdom and the coming of Goud's divine reign on earth.

(3) Politics, which is the third unclean spirit poured out upon the people, has now failed in its bid to inspire the people and lead them to a land of peace and safety.   Our political leaders are morally corrupted.  They are treacherous to each other, much more the poor people.  They are the tools of commerce, to oppress the people so that they will be poorer and divided.

    Coptic is the only LIGHT and SOLUTION in these times of troubled waters.  The political leaders have left the people at the unknown crossroad; and all these great boasters who were acclaimed as shepherds of the people have now been found to be hirelings indeed.


    "I am the good shepherd; the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep.  Yet he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leaveth the sheep, and fleeth; and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth the sheep.

    The hireling fleeth, because he is an hireling, and careth not for the sheep.  I am the good shepherd and I know my sheep and I am known of them.   As the Father knoweth me, even so know I the Father: and I lay down my Life for the Sheep.

    And other Sheep I have, which are not of this fold: them also I must bring, and they will hear my voice; and there will be one fold, and one shepherd."

    On the foundation of this Deity, handed down to us from our Father of old, the great Patriarch Abraham, and with the blessings he received from the great High Priest Melchizedek when they met in the plain of Mamre, the promise being from generation to generation, the Coptic Church, the advocate of this great spiritual Deity in these present times, is duty bound to enlighten those who are willing to open their moral equilibrium to the TRUTH as it affects them in these times.

Reprinted by Carl E. Olsen
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