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The Des Moines Register, Tuesday,
January 2, 1995, Page 1A


Urbandale officer arrested in D.M.

'Scores' of sex-oriented items are also found in the van driven
by police veteran James Trimble.

Register Staff Writer

     James R. Trimble, Urbandale police officer and school
liaison officer for the Urbandale district, was arrested early
Monday for allegedly possessing methamphetamine with the intent
to deliver.
     Also found were "scores" of sex-oriented pictures and
letters.  No charges relating to those had been filed by Monday
     Trimble, an 18-year Urbandale police veteran, will likely be
suspended until the investigation is completed, Urbandale Police
Chief David Hamlin said.
     Trimble, 43 was pulled over by Des Moines police about 4
a.m. in the 600 block of Clark Street.  In a police report,
Officer Steven Kees said, "There was a substantial amount of what
appeared to be meth in the van.
     Besides Trimble, of 501 Second St., West Des Moines, a woman
with him in the van was also aressted: Lorrie K. Breiholz, 34, of
433 S.E. Phillip St., No. 106, in Des Moines.  Both were charged
with possession of narcotics with the intent to deliver them.

Wife Is Arrested, Too
     Trimble's wife was arrested six hours after he was when
police raided their home.  Robin Lynn Trimble, 41, was charged
with possession of narcotics.  A police report of the search
alleged she was in possession of marijuana.
     Trimble's mother, Beverly, let police search her home at
7213 Palm Drive in Urbandale.  They found nothing.  Police said
the van Trimble was driving, which belongs to his mother, was
circling a neighborhood north of downtown when Breiholz was seen
by police not wearing a seat belt.  They said when Trimble pulled
over, he made movements toward the center of the van "as if he
was trying to hide or reach for something."
     Trimble got out of the van and walked toward officers, and
he did not get back in the van as ordered.  The police report
said he was "extremely nervous."
     While Trimble was detained in a police car, he told Kees
that he was an Urbandale police officer.  Officers found a
substance in the van, and a field test indicated that it was
methamphetamine.  Des Moines police also called Hamlin,
Urbandale's chief, to tell him what happened.
     In a telephone interview Monday night, Hamlin said he was
shocked when he got the news.
     "He had a good work record, a good reputation with the
department," Hamlin said.  "I found it rather stunning to hear
about it."
     Hamlin said he had not consulted with the city attorney, but
he said he intends to suspend Trimble pending further
investigation.  "At that time, I'll determine his long-term
status," he said.
     Hamlin said Trimble had been the school liaison officer for
five years.
     "I had no idea," Superintendent Tom Davis said of the news
Monday.  He referred questions to school attorney Jeff Krausman.
     Krausman said officials could not comment because Trimble is
employed jointly by the school district and the city.
     Trimble was active in D.A.R.E. (Drug Abuse Resistance
Education), an anti-drug education program.  "We don't just teach
kids what drugs look like," Trimble said in a 1992 interview.
"We teach life skills needed to say no to drugs, alcohol and
     Trimble was being held at the Des Moines City Jail Monday
night.  Bond was set at $19,500.
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