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Why Slavery Was One Of The Best Things to Happen To America

A provocative discussion of how the world might be different if slavery had never existed in America.

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Did a satellite photograph a UFO over Area 51?
The strangest item from Area 51

Cliff Schaffer's Mark Twain Collection

A Little Levity About Arrogance - by Clifford A. Schaffer

Some of us are destined for greatness. And the others? Well . . .

The Unluckiest Guy I Ever Met - by Clifford A. Schaffer

This is a true story. The facts have not been embellished. In fact, I left a lot of stuff out.

George Remus - a Prohibition Saga - Summarized by Bob Ramsey

The Lower East Side Needle Exchange T-Shirt -- (my naive attempt to relate to a heroin user as if he were a normal person) by Bob Ramsey

Dilbert Cartoon 1

Dilbert Cartoon 2

Sun Tzu - The Art of War

Richardson-Taylor Reunion News

Every year, the Richardson-Taylor clan holds a family reunion to celebrate something or other -- no one is really sure. For a variety of reasons, I have been selected to write the newsletter for the annual reunion. Listed below are the reunion newsletters from years past.

Reunion News - 1990

Special Update - 1990

Just after the 1990 reunion

Special Update - 1991

Reunion News - 1992

Reunion News 12-1-92

Reunion News 3-26-93

Reunion News 11-10-93

Reunion News 2-13-94

Reunion News 12-3-94

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