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Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy
Drug Addiction, Crime or Disease?

Drug Addiction, Crime or Disease?

Interim and Final Reports of the Joint Committee of the American Bar Association and the American Medical Association on Narcotic Drugs.
Indiana University Press, 1961 Library of Congress catalog card number: 61-9838

Note: For the background on this report, see ABA-AMA, No Match for HJA - from The Drug Hang-Up by Rufus King, see also:

Comments on Narcotic Drugs - Harry Anslinger's reply to the ABA-AMA report.


Introduction by Alfred R. Lindesmith

Narcotic Drugs: Interim Report of the Joint Committee

Appendix A: Some Basic Problems in Drug Addiction and Suggestions for Research, by Morris Ploscowe


Appendix B: An Appraisal of International, British and Selected European Narcotic Drug Laws, Regulations and Policies, by Rufus King


Final Report of the Joint Committee

Summary and Recommendations of Report on Narcotic Drugs by the Council on Mental Health of the American Medical Association

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