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Adult Web Sites

Adults searching for adult entertainment on the net often look for sites like does not contain any actual adult information itself. Instead, it acts as a gateway to other adult fetish sites. is an example of how web sites can be valuable just for their name. By comparison, actually does contain adult information. Another site that contains adult information with a less likely name is 

The value of domain names on the internet can be seen in the multi-million dollar sales of such common names as Web sites with common words in them, like "food" will often get lots of traffic just because it is such a common word and people will search for it. While the example of is an easy and obvious choice for a web site name, the advantages of a good domain name do not stop with the most common words. Domain names like are also obvious for adult interest. The name is less obviously for adult interest. 

 Visitors to the  web site will find links to a number of other web sites that are either affiliated with or have advertising arrangements. That is all it does. It is meant simply to catch the searches that come through for the particular phrase and direct the visitors to something of a related interest. While the number of searches for may not be large, it does not need to be large to make a profit when one considers the minimal expenses for maintaining a web site, particularly if the web site owner already has a server with the disk space and bandwidth already established. The only additional cost to maintain the site and get the hits that result from searches is the cost to keep the domain name registered. It only costs a few dollars per year to register a domain name, whether it be ,, or

The profit from each individual site like or is not great, but any number of such sites can be maintained at very low cost so it all adds up in the long run.