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Did a satellite photograph a UFO over Area 51?
The strangest item from Area 51.

Take a look at the picture below. It comes from the Google Earth view of Area 51.

Is this a UFO or secret aircraft captured in flight?

Compare this picture with everything else you can see in the entire Area 51. Notice that you can see airplanes parked on the runway with such detail that you can count their engines and identify the type of plane. Also take a look at all the other buildings on the site and see if you can find anything that compares to this. It is the strangest item in all of Area 51.

Compare the shadows of this object with the shadows on the building right next to it. Notice that the shadows on the building, and the shape of the building, are clear and distinct and that the shadows go in a particular direction. The object shown has shadows that fall in the other direction.

Notice also that there are no shadows around the top of the object. The object is apparently glowing. It is glowing so brightly that it has erased the shadows around it. The light would have to be very bright -- far brighter than any typical light -- to show up like this in the Nevada sunshine. Furthermore, the glow seems to have a faint red tinge in the halo around it.

People have offered all sorts of possible explanations for this item. The explanations tend to fall apart when you try to find a plausible explanation for the lighting surrounding the object. Is it just possible that the satellite caught some super-secret craft (or even two craft together) as they were flying near the runway?

Click on the picture to see an enlarged view.

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