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Cliff Schaffer's

Mark Twain Collection


Advice to Little Girls, 1865

Information Wanted, 1867

The Danger Of Lying In Bed, 1871

The Gentle, Inoffensive Chinese -- from Volume II, Chapter XIII of Roughing It, by Mark Twain, 1871.

The Story Of The Bad Little Boy, 1875

The Story Of The Good Little Boy, 1875

Accident Insurance, 1875

Fenimore Cooper's Literary Offenses, 1895

To the Person Sitting in Darkness, 1901

A Defence of General Funston, 1902

Mark Twain on "Huck Finn" 1902

A Ghost Story, 1903

Extracts from Adam's Diary, 1903

A Horse's Tale

Extract from Captain Stormfield's Visit to Heaven, 1909

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