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The Fabulous Feats of the Futtering Freebooters

The member of Abu'l-Haylukh remained

In erection for thirty days, sustained

By smoking hashish.

Abu'l-Hayjeh deflowered in one night

Eighty virgins in a rigid rite,

After smoking hashish.

Felah the Negro did jerk off his yard

For all of a week; hashish kept it up hard.

The Negro Maymum, with opiate,

Without stopping to ejaculate,

Futtered for fifty consecutive days.

Allah bepraise him for having fulfilled

Such a task!

But then, fresh vigor instilled,

Obliged to furnish ten days more--

Making sixty days of coition his score--

He fain went on and finished the chore.

During this ordeal Maymum, in bed,

Smoked what held up his penis head:


-- Quoted in *The Cradle of Erotica*,

Edwardes & Masters, pg. 96.

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