Illicit Drug to be Chief Target of Week's Narcotic Fight Opening Today

New York Times, February 21, 1937

With special emphasis on the increasing use of marijuana in the United States, the World Narcotic Defense Association all this week will observe the eleventh annual Narcotic Educational Week, appealing to the public through the press and radio as well as through religious, fraternal and educational institutions.

The association will campaign for the enactment of the Uniform State Narcotic Drug Act in the District of Columbia and fifteen States, for efficient narcotic law enforcement and prompt and effective action against violators by the courts and for more thorough instruction in schools concerning dangerous narcotic drugs. The campaign will be on a national scale.

Last year the police in New York City uprooted and destroyed 37,000 pounds of marijuana plants. The State Supervisor of Narcotic Control estimated that in 1935 almost 200 tons of the plant were destroyed in New York State.

Members of the association who will speak over the radio are Admiral Richmond P. Hobson, president; Dr. Perry M. Lichtenstein, Representative Hamilton Fish, Charles H. Tuttle and Major J. G. Phelps-Stokes.


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