Police Study Marijuana To Kill Growing Crops

New York Times, July 24, 1936

To enable policemen to familiarize themselves with the appearance of marijuana, pots of the narcotic weed have been placed on exhibition during the past few days in the assembly rooms of station houses in various sections of Brooklyn.

This was disclosed yesterday by Captain Joseph Mooney, head of the police narcotic squad, who said the police hoped to uproot every trace of the weed before next month, when it will dry up and go to seed. He is afraid the seeds may be scattered by the wind and begin growing in new localities.

Two hitherto undiscovered crops of the weed, popularly known as "loco weed" and used in cigarette form as a narcotic, were discovered yesterday. One was in a vacant lot on West Third Street and Guilder Avenue, Coney Island, and the other on Harway Avenue, between Bay Forty-fifth and Bay Forty-seventh Streets, in Bay Ridge.


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