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California Research Advisory Panel

Cannabis Therapeutic Program

Panel Members

Edward P. O'Brien, J.D.

Panel Chairman

Appointed by the Attorney General,

Frederick H. Meyers, M.D.

Panel Vice-Chairman

Appointed by the University of California

Donald W. Holsten, Pharm.D.

Appointed by the Department of Health Services

Luis Icaza, Pharm.D.

Appointed by the State Board of Pharmacy

Nancy C. Miller, R.N.

Appointed by the Governor

Carmel M. Roberts, Ph.D.

Appointed by the University of Southern California

Designated private university

Donald R. Wesson, M.D.

Appointed by the California Medical Association

Designated professional medical society

William Stanton, M.D.

Appointed by the Research Advisory Panel

Allan J. Flach, M.D., Pharm.D.

Appointed by the Research Advisory Panel

Staff Members

David W. Schieser, Ph.D.

Executive Secretary

Brenda J. Crommie



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