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The New York Times June 24, 1913, Page 12
Bellevue Hasn't Found Antidote for Tablets Taken by Mrs. Riso.

Dr. N. B. Heyward, house physician in Bellevue Hospital, said last night that he feared for the life of Mrs. Julius Riso, the young bride who was taken to Bellevue Sunday night by her husband, after she had swallowed two bichloride of mercury tablets by mistaking them for headache medicine. Dr. Heyward said that he had administered every known remedy without effect.

He said that he had not given up hope, however, and was going to every possible source for a remedy. The patient was not in pain, the doctor said, but the poison was working in her kidneys, and unless it could be eradicated she would die a slow death.

Mrs. Riso took the tablets in her home at 236 West Twenty-seventh Street Sunday morning and did not discover her mistake until some time in the afternoon.

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