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The New York Times March 4, 1955

A speedy trial will be sought for a lower east side physician who was indicted Wednesday on charges he made more than $12,000 in three years by illegally prescribing narcotics for addicts.

District Attorney Frank S. Hogan said yesterday that he wanted the case to be a warning to any others who might be dealing in illicit prescriptions.
The defendant, Dr. ---------, married and the father of four children, lives at --- Street.

Dr. --------- was arrested on narcotics charges last Oct. 16, and subsequent grand jury inquiry resulted in an eighty-eight count indictment.

Mr. Hogan charged that Dr. --------- had a series of rates for his prescriptions for a synthetic narcotic.

"His customers, who were habitual drug users, paid $5 to obtain a prescription for twenty-five tablets and up to $20 for 100 tablets," the prosecutor said.

Dr. ---------, 48 years old, is a naturalized citizen who came to this country from ----------- in 1921. He is a graduate of a Swiss medical school.

After pleading not guilty before General Sessions Judge Jonah J. Goldstein, he was freed in bail of $25,000 to await trial.

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