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Marihuana Menaces Youth

Scientific American March 1936 p 150

Marihuana smoking has spread so rapidly that the drug has become a serious menace, particularly among youthful lawbreakers. The drug, also known as loco weed, muggles, Indian hay, Indian hemp, hasheesh, laughing tobacco, and reefers, is dried and rolled into cigarettes selling from five to 25 cents apiece. From 300 to 500 cigarettes can be made from a pound, making it highly profitable for underworld vendors.

Marihuana produces a wide variety of symptoms in the user, including hilarity, swooning, and sexual excitement. combined with intoxicants, it often makes the smoker vicious, with a desire to fight and kill.

Addiction to the drug is common in Mexico and some authorities have estimated that as many as one out of every four persons in some southern states are users. Out of 450 prisoners examined in New Orleans in 1930, 125 were found to be addicts. Despite the vicious effects of marihuana, only 17 states have laws against it and its control is not yet included under the federal Harrison narcotic act.


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