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Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy
House of Lords Report on Marijuana, 1998

House of Lords

Select Committee on Science and Technology Ninth Report




  The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence. Those marked ** gave written evidence which is not printed, but is available for inspection at the House of Lords Record Office (0171-219 5316):

**  Academy of Medical Sciences (with Royal Society)
**  Advisory Council on Misuse of Drugs
**  Alliance for Cannabis Therapeutics
**  Anonymous
**  Professor Heather Ashton
**  Association of Chief Police Officers
**  Dr Anthony Blowers, Surrey's Drug Action Team
**  Mary Brett, Dr Challoner's Grammar School (Boys), Amersham
**  British Medical Association
**  J Brown
**  Christian Institute
**  S Cooke
**  David Copestake
**  Dr Angela Coutts, University of Aberdeen
**  Department of Complementary Medicine, University of Exeter
**  R Creasey
**  P Davidson
**  M Davies
**  S Day
**  Department of Health
**  Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment
**  Evangelical Coalition on Drugs Executive Committee
**  C Fell
**  Forensic Science Service
**  L Gibson
**  Professor Keith Green, Medical College of Georgia, USA
**  Dr Geoffrey Guy
**  Professor Wayne Hall, Executive Director, National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, Australia
**  Professor John Henry, Imperial College School of Medicine (on behalf of Royal College of Pathologists)
**  Dr Anita Holdcroft, Imperial College School of Medicine
**  Home Office
**  M Humphreys
**  Independent Drug Monitoring Unit
**  Institute for the Study of Drug Dependence
**  International Drug Strategy Institute
**  Edward H Jurith
**  Dr David Kendall, University of Nottingham Medical School
**  Dr David Lambert
**  D Lewis
**  London Medical Marijuana Support Group
**  Medical Research Council
**  Medicines Control Agency
**  Dr Tod H Mikuriya
**  Austin Mitchell MP
**  Mr Neil Montgomery
**  Multiple Sclerosis Society
**  National Addiction Centre
**  National Drug Prevention Alliance
**  NHS National Teratology Information Service
**  Dr William Notcutt
**  Professor David Nutt, University of Bristol
**  Dr Roger Pertwee
**  A Phillipson
**  P Rigby
**  Dr Philip Robson
**  E Rorison
**  Royal College of General Practitioners
**  Royal College of Pathologists
**  Royal College of Psychiatrists
**  Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain
**  Royal Society
**  J Sayers
**  Dr Fred Schon, Mayday Hospital Croydon and St George's Hospital
**  Dr P Shaw
**  Councillor C Simpson, Aberystwyth
**  L Standen
**  Dr Colin Stewart, Dundee Limb Fitting Centre
**  G Vincent
**  Young Christian Democrats

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