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The Daily Oklahoman 'Respectfully Declines'
see the ad

WASHINGTON, March 8 /PRNewswire/ -- The Liberty Project has received word that The Daily Oklahoman (write to the editors) has rejected an advertisement (see the ad) that was designed to raise awareness about the erosion of American's constitutional rights. (Read the ad text) The ad is part of the Liberty Project's recently announced campaign designed to educate people throughout the United States and encourage them to take action in this fight to protect our fundamental liberties.

On Tuesday, March 2, the Liberty Project received a fax notification from the newspaper that simply said, "We respectfully decline publication of your advertisement at this time." The Daily Oklahoman provided no further explanation for rejecting the ad.

"Why are ideas about freedom and liberty so controversial these days?" inquired Phil Harvey, Liberty Project Founder, after hearing about the rejection of the ad. "I don't understand it. The ad tells a real story of how excessive abuses by federal law enforcement occurred in the name of the war on drugs. And in this case, these abuses resulted in the death of an innocent man. Something must be done to prevent tragedies like this from happening."

Those interested in viewing the rejected advertisement can visit the Liberty Project's home page at www.LibertyProject.org. The Liberty Project is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, headquartered in Washington, DC. Concerned citizens established the Project to inform the public about the problems with current civil asset forfeiture law. More information on The Liberty Project can be obtained by visiting www.LibertyProject.org or calling 1-877-474-3200.

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Text from the banned advertisement

Written on the toe tag attached to the deceased Donald Scott's foot:

This foot belongs to Donald P. Scott. It was alive until 31 deputies, DEA agents, Park Service and Border Patrol officers bashed in the door to his house, terrorized his wife and shot Donald by mistake. They claimed he was a drug dealer. He was just a husband, father and law-abiding citizen. Unlike Donald, the police are alive and unharmed today.

Commentary from the ad

If you think the Constitution protects you against tragedies like Donald Scott's, you're dead wrong. Thanks to the war on drugs, overzealous federal law enforcement can seize your property, even shoot you and there is virtually nothing you can do about it. In cases such as this, due process and guarantees against unreasonable searches and seizures do not apply.
   ... as in all wars, it's the innocent tha get caught in the crossfire.

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