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Jim Rosenfield

I am a businessman and, to my credit, I am husband to Victoria and father to Ariel Elena and Richard Aaron. I never dreamed I would enjoy being a father so much.

In 1995, I founded Insight Web Design to design marketing programs and to assist businesses in utilizing the internet. We have developed over one hundred commercial web sites and several popular sites for non-profits. Insight is also assisting businesses with computer systems -- design, installation and maintenance.

Since 1977 I have been associated with ROMAC Supply Company, and Power Controls, Inc, as an officer as well as marketing director and information systems director. These firms service industrial clients -- stocking and servicing circuit breakers, motors, transformers, and manufacturing motor controls and switchgear.

I am known through Southern Califonria as an exciting and knowledgeable speaker on internet marketing and electrical safety issues. Please call or write for Curriculum Vitae and hundreds of testimonials.

I have been widely published in the electrical power industry journals on the subjects of preventive maintenance, standards for reconditioning circuit breakers and industrial electrical safety.

I am also an independent political activist. I participate with the Drug Reform Coordination Network, DrugSense, ACLU, NORML, MPP, DPF, Common Cause, Union of Concerned Scientists and a number of other organizations.

Address information:

tel: 310-836-0926
fax: 310-836-0592
e-mail: jnr@insightweb.com

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