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YOUNG PEOPLE'S SCIENCE ENCYCLOPEDIA - Prepared in cooperation with "The National College of Education," Evanston, Illinois. Pub by the Childrens Press, Inc., Chicago IL. - Copyright 1962

(from page 1019) Marijuana (mah-ruh-HWAHN-uh) Marijuana is a habit-forming drug that over-excites people. It is against the law to use it. The drug is obtained from the leaves and flowers of the hemp plant. This plant is usually raised to obtain fibers for rope and other products. Indian hemp and similar plants have been known and used since ancient times.

Marijuana, when used as a narcotic, is smoked as cigarettes. It is often associated with crime and other anti-social activities. A person under the influence of this drug suffers severe physical and mental effects starting with over-gaiety, talkativeness and feelings of grandeur. However, these feelings deteriorate into mental confusion, faulty speech and delirium.

The greatest danger in the use of marijuana is that it is known to lead its users into the use of even more violent and dangerous drugs. Most nations in the world have banded together in an attempt to ban the use and distribution of marijuana. The raising of the hemp plant is strictly regulated in the United States. H. J. C. - "(Helen J. Challand, B.E., M.A., Ph.D., Chairman, Science Department, National College of Education)

(from page 834) Hemp Hemp is a plant that is used to make rope, twine, yarn, and paper products. It has long stems, from six to nine feet high. The stems are soaked in water and left outside to rot. Then they are crushed and beaten to separate the fibers from the other plant cells.

Hemp is an annual plant, grown from seed. Some plants produce pollen, or staminate, flowers, and others produce ova and are the ovulate flowers. Pollen flowers are yellowish-green. Ovulate flowers bloom later and are not so colorful. When the flowers die the stalks are cut down. Hemp plants need a wet, mild climate.

Hemp seeds contain oil used in paints and varnishes and in making soap. MARIJUANA, a dangerous drug, comes from the sap of the hemp plant. For this reason hemp growers in the United States must have a permit to cultivate the crop.

Manila hemp, or abaca, is not a true hemp. Manila rope has been made from abaca since the sailing ship days of the eighteen hundreds. Abaca fibers are tough and light and can be obtained in lengths from six to twelve feet. P. G. B. (Phyllis G. Blodgett, Free lance writing for Reader's Digest, Christian Science Monitor, Today's Health)

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