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The Reefer Madness Collection

Reefer madness Collection - Magazines

Marijuana, American People's Encyclopedia

Marijuana, From The American Scholar (1938)

Marijuana - American Journal of Nursing, 1936

Dangerous Marijuana - American Journal of Nursing, 1938

Marijuana - Assassin of Youth, Reader's Digest, 1938

Prey on Children with New "Killer Weed" - Boston Herald: - Feb 28 1937

Ban on Hashish Blocked Despite Ravages of Drug - Chicago Tribune, 1927

Narcotics Commissioner Urges Drastic Action Against Hashish - Christian Science Monitor - Oct 3, 1931

Walking on Air, A Story about marijuana


New Giggle Drug Puts Discord in city Orchestras - (Emit Sour Notes After Smoking Weed.) - Chicago Tribune, 1928

Torture Death of the Reefer Queen - Current Detective 1945

DARE Smokes a Reefer

Marihuana - The Evil Weed - Detective World, 1947

Marihuana - Girl Accused of Death of Bus Driver Blames Weed for Crime - Dixon Evening Telegraph, 1938

Toxicologist is Barred from Marihuana Trial - Dixon Evening Telegraph, 1938

Musicians Used for Medical Weed Test - Downbeat, 1944

Dream Slayer Talks in Cell - Tampa Daily Times - 1933

Marihuana Makes Fiends of Boys in 30 Days - SF Examiner, 1923

Mexican Narcotic, Marihuana Inciting With Lust to Slay, Blamed for Death Cruise - SF Examiner, 1926

Some Myths About Marijuana - Federal Probation, 1946

Sex Fiends and Marijuana - J. Edgar Hoover, 1937

Marijuana - the Fiends Cops Fear Most - J. Edgar Hoover, 1937

Local "Reliefer" Held for Selling Marihuana - Janesville Daily Gazette Feb. 1938

Marihuana Editorial - Janesville Daily Gazette Feb. 1938

Reefer Racket, a story of the marijuana trade, Leading Detective, 1947

Vice, Crime, and Marihuana, American Legion Magazine, 1963

The Truth About Marihuana, Liberty Magazine, 1949

Facts and fancies about marihuana It's Non-Habit-Forming and Gives Users Delusions of Grandeur

Marihuana, A Growing Menace, Look Magazine, 1938

Weird Effects of Marihuana Smoking, Man to Man Magazine, 1955

Marijuana - Encyclopedia article

Marijuana - Encyclopedia article from 1964

Marijuana - Universal Standard Encyclopedia - 1955

Exploding the Myths About Marijuana - Mechanix Illustrated, 1949

Pictorial Encylopedia, 1954 - Page 1

The Menace of Marihuana - American Mercury, 1935

Marijuana - Webster's Dictionary, 1957

Mother Sacrifices Children, Home, Reputation for Dope - SF Examiner, 1930

THE NARCOTIC-DRUG EVIL A Disturbing Problem of Our Modern Civilization

Marihuana - The Mexican dope plant is the source of a social problem

Hemp - Newsweek, 1942

Medicine - Marijuana and Mentality

Marihuana, One Way Ticket To Destruction - Daily Oklahoman, 1938

Marihuana - Sex-crazing Drug Menace - Fast-Growing Debasement of Our Youngsters, Making Them Wantons and Killers

Uncle Sam Fights a New Drug Menace --- Marijuana - Popular Science, May, 1936

Fighting the Dope - Marijuana, Popular Science, 1938

Can We Grow Hemp Without Dope? Plant Wizards Fight Wartime Drug Peril - Popular Science, 1943

"EXPOSING THE MARIJUANA DRUG EVIL IN SWING BANDS!" By Jack Hanley Astounding facts about the habitual use of "reefers" among musicians - Radio Stars, 1938

The Truth About Sex and Drugs Fears - Real Magazine, 1954

Gun Girls' Get Life For Murder In $2.10 Holdup" - Rockford Morning Star Feb. 16, 1938

Police Close In on Dope Traffic Here - Girl's Story reveals big Marijuana Trade Among Children of city. San Francisco Chronicle Nov. 18, 1935

Marijuana - Sir Magazine, December, 1948

Marajuana Joints and Dealers Listed For Clean-up Drive By Law Agencies - Tampa Daily Times, 1933

Funeral For Five Victims - Tampa Daily Times, 1933

The Weed, Teenage Marijuana Orgy Time Magazine, 1943

Mexican Tamale Vender Fined and Given Jail Sentence for Possession of Marihuana. - Tulsa Daily World, 1929

Tamale Peddler Arrested Making Intoxicating Cigarets - Tulsa Tribune, 1929

Marijuana, Who Runs the Web of Dolls and Dope, Uncensored, 1953

Cab Calloway's Secret Fight on Dope, Uncensored, 1955

Reefer Party - Actual Photos, Whisper, 1949

Youth Gone Loco - Christian Century, 1938

Webster's Dictionary - Marijuana


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