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Information for Activists

Strategies to End the Drug War



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How to Use the Online Library to Educate Others - Some tips and tools from Michael Hess. (200k text file)

Media Awareness Project - to let the media know about this library.

What Next? This is my idea of our current top priorities.

Where do we go from here? This is an assessment of where we are, and where we ought to go next.

Political Strategies This document includes a few ideas for what we need to do nationally to bring drug policy reform.

Local Action Strategies Here are a few things you can do in your own hometown, to help campaign for drug policy reform.

Persuasive Strategies - These are the Persuasive Strategies which have been giving the DEA such fits over the last few years. They were originally published on Compuserve and have since been copied to every major online service. In August, 1994, the DEA held a special conference in Washington and flew in law enforcement people, politicians, and public relations experts to try to figure out some way to deal with the fact that they were getting hammered every time they came out for a debate. These Persuasive Strategies were the specific reason for that conference and their booklet How to Hold Your Own In a Drug Legalization Debate was a direct response to, and borrowed from, the Persuasive Strategies. The publication was renamed to Speaking Out Against Drug Legalization when we pointed out that the first title seemed to assume that the best they could hope to do was "hold their own".

Basic Background Information for Activists

The Biggest Studies of Drug Policy

This is a list of the largest and most comprehensive studies of drug policy done over the last fifty years. This is an excellent place for anyone to start their research on drugs and drug policy.

Basic Facts About the War on Drugs

This is a brief summary of the major facts about the War on Drugs, in a question and answer format.

How to Approach the Black Community by Clifford A. Schaffer

Local Activist Groups - A list of local groups around the world, working for reform

Debate Materials

Answers to Specific Arguments

This document includes most of the common questions that drug warriors will raise in a debate. For each question, there is a short answer which almost invariably completely shuts down the drug warrior.

Pot is (Drugs are) Dangerous - How to Deal with the Argument by Clifford A. Schaffer

Sixteen ways to deal with the argument that drugs are dangerous, therefore we ought to throw massive numbers of people in prison.

Show Stopper Questions for Your Opponent These are questions that the drug warriors just cannot answer.

A speech This is a sample of the speeches I have given. After giving the speech, I have never had any drug warrior come back with anything but a completely dumbfounded response.

More answers to specific arguments -- 30 Pages of Debate questions and responses

15 More pages of answers to specific arguments More of the same from above.

25 More pages of answers to specific arguments

Other Materials

Presentations to Social Clubs - How to make presentations to social groups such as churches, Lions Clubs, Rotary, and other similar groups.

The Dollar Cost of Punishment This file contains miscellaneous notes and references regarding the costs of punishing people for drug offenses. Lots of interesting tidbits. Originally posted on DRCNet.

WHEN Mission Statement This is the Mission Statement of the Washington Hemp Education Network. It is a good example of how to put together a formal charter for an activist group.

How to Reduce Junk E-Mail This is a contribution by Ryan Rossman, offering good advice on how to control the blizzard of messages coming over the DRCTalk lines.

A Review of the Scientific Literature Re Amotivational Syndrome An excellent synopsis of the information regarding the "amotivational syndrome" and marijuana. Complete with citations for further reference. Contributed by Brian of DRCNet.

How to Write Letters to the Editor A short but well-done instruction manual for how to write effective letters to the editor. As a matter of fact, it is a good instruction manual for writing effective letters to public officials, as well.

Telephone and Fax Numbers of members of Congress - in tab-delimited text format.

A Summary of M.K. Gandhi's Technique for Political Action By Mary Sibley, February 1995

This is a good discussion of the Gandhi's techniques for political change. Some good interesting advice for activists. Contributed by Mary Sibley of DRCNet.

Exclusionary Rule Reform Act of 1995

This is the text of HR666, which was introduced into the House to repeal many of the rules regarding the admissibility of evidence in Court.

Update on HR666 as of 2-8-95

This is an update on the progress of HR666, as of 2-8-95

CalNORML press release on HR666

This is a press release issued by California NORML criticizing HR666.

Bumpersticker Ideas A collection of ideas for anti-drug-war bumper stickers, contributed by various members of DRCNet

International List of Activist Groups - Contact information for drug policy reform groups around the world.

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