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Major Studies of Drugs and Drug Policy
The Wickersham Commission Report on Alcohol Prohibition - 1930

Report on the Enforcement of the Prohibition Laws of the United States

National Commission on Law Observance and Enforcement

(The Wickersham Commission Report on Alcohol Prohibition)

Dated January 7, 1931

Table of Contents

I. National Prohibition

1. The Eighteenth Amendment and the National Prohibition Act

2. History of Prohibition Enforcement Before the Bureau of Prohibition Act, 1927

3. Prohibition Enforcement Since 1927

II. The Present Condition as to Observance and Enforcement

1. Observance

2. Enforcement

III. Bad Features of the Present Situation and Difficulties in the Way of Enforcement

IV. The Degree of Enforcement Demanded

V.  Plans Which Have Been Proposed Toward More Effective Enforcement

VI.  The Necessity of Federal Control

VII.  Benefits of Prohibition to Be Conserved

VIII.  Summary of Foreign Systems

IX.  The Proposed Alternatives to the Present System

X. Conclusions and Recommendations 

Separate Statements of the Commissioners

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