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Get It Straight!

The first step was to come up with a list of questions to see how much we knew about drugs and their effects. See how much you know. What you don't know, you will by the time you finish this book!

1. What is a drug?

2 What drugs are most abused by young people?

3. Can prescription drugs be abused?
Yes No

If so how?

4. Circle the correct answer: Inhalants are things like rubber cement, glue, spray paint, nail polish remover, and nitrous oxide (Whippets).
True False

5. What is marijuana? What are some street names for marijuana?

6. How can marijuana affect your life?

7. Circle the correct answer: LSD can only have short-term effects on my body.
True False

8. Fill in the blanks with some of the words below:
speeds you up, marijuana, slows you down, cocaine

Methamphetamine acts a lot like _______in that it _______.

9. Circle the correct answer: When you first take cocaine, it slows your body down and makes you feet like you're drunk.
True False

10 Is cocaine addicting?
Yes No

11 Heroin is dangerous because:

12. Fill in the blanks with some of the words below:
grades, job, health, lungs, athletic performance, breath, family, friendships
Drugs are dangerous because their use can affect you for the rest of your life. They can negatively affect your _______ and the _______ you land when you are older.

List TWO things that you can do right now to educate other people in your community about the true facts on drugs.



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