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The Unluckiest Guy I Ever Met The Mattress Incident Burglarizing His Own Apartment Art Gets Even The Marijuana That Wasn't His And then the lawyer

The Unluckiest Guy I Ever Met

by Clifford A. Schaffer

This is a true story. The facts have not been embellished. In fact, I left a lot of stuff out.

The Marijuana That Wasn't His.

When Art got out of jail he went back to college and tried to make a go of it again. The only regular income he could find was from selling small amounts of marijuana and other drugs. He had some fairly good drug connections from his various times in jail, but we was more honest and friendly than he was shrewd so he never did much more than a few small sales to eke out an existence.

As luck would have it Art ran into a bright young business executive who was just starting out with a new wife and baby and, having put a little money aside, decided to dabble in the marijuana trading market. Somehow, he managed to get his hands on thirty pounds of weed and then started looking around to sell it. He didn't know anyone himself who was interested in thirty pounds of weed but eventually he ran into Art and mentioned that he would pay Art a commission of one hundred dollars and a small bag of personal stash if Art could introduce him to someone who would buy it. Art knew lots of people and one hundred dollars was a lot of money to Art, so he looked around until he found someone.

Art introduced the two parties to the transaction and waited patiently for them to conclude their business so he could get his commission and leave. In the middle of the transaction, car lights went on and car motors started in the neighborhood around them. In a matter of a few moments, they were surrounded by Sacramento sheriff's deputies. The buyer he found turned out to be a snitch.

To summarize the legal proceedings which followed, the guy who actually owned the weed pleaded that he was really a good citizen who made a mistake, he had a wife and baby, etc., etc., He walked out with probation, with an agreement to testify against Art.

The snitch, who had previously been busted, got his previous charges dropped with an agreement to testify against Art.

Art was charged with possession for sale of the entire thirty pounds. That brings us to the lawyer.

And then . . . the lawyer

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