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Alcohol detox is a word that conjures up many thoughts, feelings and images. Hollywood has added to the number of images by picturing men suffering from severe hallucinations that only the alcohol could curtail. The Sunday funnies, although to a much lesser extent today, have trivialized the process by cartoons featuring hallucinations of pink elephants as being a common side effect this process. Many are hesitant to seek help because they fear these symptoms. Others are reluctant to encourage loved ones to undergo alcohol detox simply because of the pain and trauma it seems to bring with it. With these many myths surrounding this procedure, it is no wonder that some question the feasibility of it altogether.

The truth about alcohol detox is surprisingly simple: there is not way around it. Without the detoxification, the individual with a drinking problem will not be able to regain a sober state of being on which a life of sobriety can be built. Furthermore, simply the admission that a detox is necessary shows that the patient has lost all control over her or his alcohol intake, and very serious physical harm is quite possibly already occurring. Yet while a continued use of the drug can kill the person, the withdrawal of alcohol may have the same effect. For this reason it is advisable to perform the process of detoxification at a medical facility or alcohol treatment center.

While this does not make the process of alcohol detox any more pleasant, it does ensure that physical ramifications are kept at a minimum, that proper nutrition replaces the intake of alcohol, and that the emotional needs of the patient are being met. Similarly, because of the experienced staff, a person with an alcohol problem no longer has to set out on the road to recovery on his or her own, worried about the uncertainties, or with a caregiver who does not know how to act or react in the face of crisis; instead, an individual has the assurance of a staff who has seen it all, and helped many people to get well. If you need help, or know someone who does, don’t be taken in by the myths of alcohol detox, get the facts and get some help!

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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