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Methadone Detox

For many who have faced the battle against an addiction, it has been a life threatening episode.  When one is facing the withdrawal symptoms from heroin or other opioid drugs, they are often prescribed methadone, a drug that is used to ease the withdrawal symptoms.  It is also used as a pain medication, helping those who have been injured or suffering from constant pain.  Unfortunately, methadone is addicting, as well.  For those who have developed an addiction to this drug, there are methadone detox programs available to help them be free of their dependence upon this medication.

Unfortunately, methadone detox is one of the most difficult of all the programs for addictions.  The reason for this is that methadone is a long-lasting medication. The body stores it in the tissues and it takes a lot longer to get it out of the system when detoxifying the body.  This means may take awhile to overcome the physical withdrawals.  It also means the recovery from such an addiction is both physically and emotionally difficult.  However, the right program will help the user to become drug-free. 

As methadone detox is difficult, it may be necessary for the individual to be placed in a rehab center where their withdrawal symptoms can be monitored.  They will also receive counseling, both individual sessions and group sessions.  Because this is a life threatening condition, both their physical being and emotional being will be monitored closely.

Not only do many lose their families and the life they once knew, many actually have lost their lives to this addiction.  It’s difficult on the user and difficult on the families, however, if one can admit to their addiction, there are many programs to help them face their addiction.   A methadone detox program will help the individual to overcome their addiction and face life without the use of this drug.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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