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OxyContin Detox

A narcotic prescribed for pain, Oxycontin is often used to comfort terminally ill cancer patients and people who suffer from chronic pain, as well as postoperative and dental pain.  Unfortunately, as a narcotic, the drug is habit forming and if taking Oxycontin, one needs to follow the doctor’s instructions.  This has become a drug that is wanted by many and often you will read about the robberies of doctor’s offices and pharmacies for this drug.  If one does become dependent on this narcotic, there are several Oxycontin detox programs that will help them to overcome their addiction.

The Oxycontin addiction is a serious one and can often be life threatening.  The first step, of course, is the admittance of the addiction.  Once this step has been reached, the recommended treatment is often a residential treatment program at least three months in length.  In this Oxycontin detox program they will receive education on how they can not only change their lives, but how they can live their lives without the Oxycontin. 

Treatment in Oxycontin detox will include physical detoxification where they will be assisted with getting the Oxycontin that has built up in their system out of their bodies.  In this safe environment, they will also receive psychotherapy, as well as behavioral therapy to help them develop new habits that will allow them to live a more productive and drug-free lifestyle.  

This Oxycontin detox program will give them the tools they need to help them successfully recover from this drug addiction.  They will learn how to handle new situations and how to return to the life they had before their addiction.  The fact is that an individual who has become dependent on this addictive drug can go on to lead a very healthy and successful life with the help of an Oxycontin detox program.  Many individuals recover and with this three month residential program, the recovery rate is quite high.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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