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Opiate Detox

Opiate detox is needed before you try taking yourself completely off a prescription or illegal drug after a prolonged amount of use.  Codeine pills are considered an opiate and can easily be passed around between friends and family members after an accident or surgery.  Many patients become physically dependant on them and don’t realize it until it’s too late.  Opiate drugs can be an illegal or prescriptions drug such as Heroine, codeine, Morphine, Demerol or other harmful drugs. 

Opiate detox can be done in a facility or at your own home; it is always recommended that you do it at a center.  However, not everyone is able to do this, and that’s why many centers are now offering opiate detox for outpatients.  Those that are high profile or can lose their job will love the idea of having an at home detox available to them.  Doing this at home with professionals will give you the security of knowing everything is private and it won’t become public knowledge.  

If you are married, your spouse will be able to help you go through this process so you won’t have to do it alone.  This program lasts about two months.  There are also outpatient detox centers; this is when a person comes back to the clinic every day.  Not many professionals recommend this, but it is there for people that need it.  The patients are never given more than one day’s worth of their prescription, and must attend routine meetings every day. 

Without an opiate detox, a person can go into a deep sleep, depression, become solely dependant on the drug, isolate himself or herself, lose their job, or become harmful to themselves or others.  No one likes to admit that they have a problem, but the sooner you do the sooner you can recover.  Get yourself treated for opiate detox before you overdose, or ruin your life.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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