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Alzheimer’s disease is a horrible affliction that strikes millions of Americans each year, mostly the elderly population. It is considered to be a neurological disorder that can cause dementia and memory loss. Overall it is associated with aging but can also strike those under 60 years old in rare cases. President Ronald Reagan was a victim of Alzheimer’s disease, but fortunately medicine is heading in the right direction as far as developing new treatments, and possibly someday, a cure.


Currently there are three major Alzheimer’s drugs being prescribed by doctors today. Each one is designed to assist in slowing down the deterioration of the neurons within the brain. The first Alzheimer’s drug was called Tacrine. It is no longer used because of the large amounts of side effects is caused, and because many studies showed it was fairly ineffective. Aricept is one of the most commonly prescribed of all drugs used to treat Alzheimer’s disease. However, in combination with another drug called Memantine, it is even more effective.

Additional research and various studies are constantly being conducted in order to manufacture the most effective Alzheimer’s drugs available. In fact ,a current study is working on discovering a way to prescribe nicotine, as there are certain properties within that seem to have a positive effect on the disease. Of course, this does not mean that smoking is encouraged, and until a final drug has been created, it is advised that patients and their families avoid smoking if possible. Alzheimer’s is a very real disease, and many famous Americans have suffered from it such as James Doohan, who played Scotty in the Star Trek series. It is something that children of older parents truly fear because it can come on at any time, unexpectedly. Education is a very important factor in assuring that people are aware of the symptoms, and with the proper Alzheimer’s drugs, this sad debilitating disease can be slowed down, and hopefully cured someday.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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