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When we hear the word drugs, many different things can come to mind. Drugs can be another word for medication. A medication is a prescribed or licensed drug created and used to cure or alleviate problems related to a particular virus or illness. There are also OTC, or over the counter drugs. These types of drugs can be purchased at almost any store, and are considered generally safe to consume without the express written consent of a licensed physician. However, it is important to remember that even OTC drugs can be dangerous if taken in excess.


Of course, another connotation of the word drugs is not always so positive. It can refer to destructive things such as cocaine or heroine. These drugs are illegal, and possession of them can result in criminal prosecution. Obviously, “street drugs” as they are often referred to are dangerous, unhealthy, and can result in physical harm and in some cases, death.

So how do we know which drugs are good for us and which to avoid? First off, drugs are designed in general to help humans with ailments, pains, and diseases. If you have a slight headache or light fever for instance, drugs as mild as aspirin should ease your pain. If you have a cold or flu, antibiotics might be what you need. And if in the unfortunate event you hurt yourself and say, for example, break a bone, your doctor may need to prescribe stronger drugs like pain killers in order to help ease the physical pain you are experiencing. Those with terminal illnesses such as cancer who are also given drugs, in many cases take them to either help fight off the illness or to at minimum make the person feel more comfortable. No matter how you view drugs, remember that as long as they are not dangerous or illegal, they are made to help you feel your very best, even in sometimes unpleasant circumstances.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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