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Drug identification can be difficult for the common person. The majority of the population does not use illegal drugs and if encountered with an unknown substance would we be able to identify it? It would be difficult without the proper education. Where should the education take place, at what age? Schools are implementing drug identification classes and programs throughout the country. Children must be taught drug identification in order to respond correctly if approached by someone attempting to pressure them into trying drugs.


Some methods of teaching drug identification are classroom based. They read and discuss the characteristics of drugs and drug paraphernalia. They are shown pictures of illegal drugs and sometimes given examples of the smell of some drugs. Drugs that are smoked have distinct odors that help in the drug identification process. Another form of education is through non-profit organizations that produce plays or skits and may show the children videos showing illegal drugs and people under the influence of drugs. There are also education programs hosted by local governments, such as the sheriff’s department. These programs bring in actual law enforcement officials and sometime drug identification dogs to teach the children about drug identification.

Children are like sponges and starting the learning process about illegal drug identification may be the answer to our rising drug abuse problem in America. Hopefully by educating our children young they will know to make the right decisions and resist drug use. If they are taught about all the negative affects drugs cause and what the repercussions of illegal drug use are they will overcome the urge to impress their peers or better yet, if we educate our children now maybe we will have a drug free world in the future generations! Please talk openly and honestly with your kids about illegal drugs, do not act as if the problem does not exist.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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