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If you have a cold or a headache, more than likely you simply run out to the nearest drugstore and buy some aspirin or cold medication, and take a rest. If you suffer from a chronic, terminal, or other form of illness, you know that you need stronger medical drugs to help ease your suffering. There are thousands upon thousands of prescription medications, from cancer treatments to pain relief to blood thinners. Along with those drugs are abbreviations, brand names, and generic names. It’s important to know the correct terminology for the medical drugs you are seeking.


There are many different medical journals that list out each drug, its purpose, and dosage, among other things. Since technology is constantly developing new forms of medication, it is almost literally impossible to keep up with new medications that hit the market. In addition, other medications may be pulled from the shelves for various reasons.

Since the cost of healthcare has gone up and up over the last decade or even longer, a lot of people have turned to the World Wide Web for help. There are countless medical resource websites available where people can enter in symptoms and get an idea of what might be ailing them. Once they’ve narrowed down a diagnosis, they can find out what medications are associated with that particular illness. This is often referred to as “self medicating”, since the person is not receiving an official prescription from their doctor. Self medicating can be very dangerous, since medical drugs are made for specific purposes, and if taken out of context, they can be dangerous, even fatal in some cases. Doing extensive research on various medical drugs and then getting official confirmation from a licensed physician is really the only way to be certain that you are receiving the drugs you need to keep you healthy.

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