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There are two leading reasons why people choose to obtain online prescriptions. The first is cost. Due to the economics of health care in the United States, consumers often must pay a significantly higher price for medication than customers in other countries. A second reason is privacy. Some people prefer to obtain their prescriptions online, even at a higher cost, than to consult a doctor in person about issues such as depression, hair loss, and sexual problems. Selling online prescriptions is growing by leaps and bounds. For years customers near the Canadian border have driven across country lines to obtain their medication at a reduced cost.


Online prescriptions are easy to obtain although one must be careful in choosing where they do business. Do not choose based solely on price, you must also consider licensing and permits. You must do your research and make sure that the online pharmacy providing you with your online prescriptions is reputable. To ensure your safety never order a medication you have never taken before, always know what your medication looks like. This will prevent an online pharmacy from sending you a counterfeit drug. Be sure to verify that the online pharmacy you choose is ethical and licensed. When you order online prescriptions always verify a valid street address and phone number. When you receive your online prescriptions in the mail always check the expiration date on the medication. No date or a drug that expires within three months is a red flag and you should stop using that pharmacy.

Always consult with a health care professional before ordering an online prescription. If there is a medication you think you may need or that would benefit you then discuss it with your doctor first as any medication you are currently on could be severely affected by the addition of another drug. Always remember that drugs may not compliment each other but that they may cause serious side affects or serious health problems if mixed without professional supervision.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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