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It’s no secret that prescription medications are exceedingly expensive. More and more Americans are finding it increasingly difficult to afford health insurance, let alone the type that covers medication. The elderly, disabled, and unemployed seem to have the most difficult time obtaining the drugs they need because of high costs. Millions of people have begun to turn to Canada drugs, and the suppliers there. Often times, Canadian pharmacies offer the same prescription drugs but at a much lower cost. While it makes total sense to try and obtain drugs at a much lower price wherever they can be found, the FDA advises against this process for many different reasons.


Some of these reasons include the fact that foreign pharmacies may sell counterfeit drugs; they are not inspected to maintain high quality, and the possibility that some substances in the drugs have not been tested properly. There have been inspections of mail heading from Canada to the United States, and FDA regulators are watching the medications coming in from Canada drugs.

The debate as to whether or not drugs purchased from Canada are as safe and effective as those purchased directly inside the United States rages on. While it seems easy for the government to dismiss most drugs coming from Canada, those saving literally hundreds of dollars on their prescriptions would disagree. If you are considering purchasing Canada drugs, just be sure to get them from a reputable, honest pharmacy that upholds the highest of standards. Do thorough research and make sure that they are fully licensed, and if possible, find out where they purchase the drugs they prescribe. Currently the processing of buying drugs from Canada is technically illegal, but the US is attempting to find a way to pass a law that would allow Americans to purchase them legally and safely.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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