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White pills, yellow pills, blue and green pills, the list can go on and on. How does one go about prescription drug identification? There are many resources in this modern age for finding the information for prescription drug identification. The internet, books, and forums are some of the most effective resources. These offer many varieties of resources ranging from visual graphics to in depth descriptions all provided by professionals and organizations. It all depends on how a person would like learn and how much information is available to them.


The internet is probably the easiest and most efficient tool for prescription drug identification. It offers all of the tools in one location. There are so many resources on the internet that one may become overwhelmed. This can be eliminated by doing a search with an e act description of the medication you are trying to identify. If you have a pill, for e ample, type in “how to identify white oval pill medication” rather than “white pill” or “pill”. If the pill has any numbers, letters or symbols on it include that in your search as well. Once you have completed the search you can now choose what type of resource you would like to use.

Forums dedicated to prescription drug identification may be very helpful as you can describe exactly what it is you need and will receive responses from professionals and others who may be familiar with the drug you are attempting to identify. Again you will need to be very specific when describing the drug; you may even want to post a picture of what you are looking at. If many responses differ from one another you may want to try another site that offers charts and detailed descriptions. Under no circumstance should you take any medication without a prescription from your healthcare professional.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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