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Amphetamine drugs were first used experimentally in the 1920s. These drugs were found to increase or stimulate the senses, so it was a popular choice to help fight chronic fatigue and drowsiness. Today, these drugs are more commonly known as “speed” and are used illegally. In addition, amphetamines are widely used as performance enhancers, which is illegal in most countries. When legally prescribed, this synthetic stimulant is used to control the appetite, treat cases of ADHD and treat narcolepsy disorders.


Because amphetamines are widely prescribed to treat very common ailments such as ADD and ADHD, these drugs are frequently sold on the street illegally. They are popular recreational drugs that are often used by teenage and college aged students. Teenagers are not the only ones that abuse amphetimines. More and more sports players find that using amphetamines can enhance his or her playing ability. While this is highly illegal, many continue to use sports enhancing drugs. In addition, other workers that find that they need to stay awake for long periods of time often illegally take these drugs. Truck drivers, pilots, constuction workers and factory workers often turn to these drugs to keep them going for long periods. Even white collar workers, such as doctors have been known to take these drugs to keep them awake for long periods of time. Nonethless, they are dangerous when used in this way.

While amphetimine drugs can be quite helpful to patients that use them under controlled environments, it is important to note that these drugs are highly addictive. Over-use of these drugs can lead patients to feel disoriented, aggressive, and delusional. In addition illegal use of amphetimines can also cause diarrhrea, convulsions, heart palpitations, anxiety, depression and in severe cases, comas or death. Abuse of these drugs can be dangerous, as patients can also have suicidal tendencies. It is important that amphetimine users seek help and therapy when addicted to this type of drug.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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