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Most insurance prescription plans come with mail-order options. Yet, many insured individuals do not understand or take advantage of this option. Under most plans, the insured can order prescriptions by mail that will be taken for a period of three or more months. It saves the insurance company and the consumer money and is easier than phoning in a refill each and every month.


Not all situations apply to mail-order prescriptions, but many do. Examples of situations where it may be wise to order prescription drugs by mail are diabetes management, gastrointestinal disease management, blood pressure medication, and cholesterol management. These are all situations where long-term medications are used and where the drugs commonly prescribed are not federally controlled or addictive substances.

By taking advantage of your plan’s mail order prescription plan, you can obtain three months worth of a prescription for the price of one co-pay. A prescription filled at your local pharmacy may be written with three refills, but you will not receive the same discount as when ordering in bulk by mail. It is the mere fact that the product becomes cheaper the more you buy at one time. This is why some insurance companies are stumped when their insured customers don’t take full advantage of a mail order prescription plan.

If your health care plan provides mail order prescription benefits and you are taking a prescription medication on a regular, long-term basis, it could benefit you to learn more about your plan. If you share with your physician that you have a mail order prescription plan, he or she can write you a prescription for a three-month supply. Be sure to confirm that your medications can be dispensed in bulk and be sure to confirm expected shipping times so as not to run out before the order arrives. Once you’ve established mail order prescriptions, you’ll not only save money, but time as well.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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