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The respiratory system includes the airways and lungs, which enables air to travel in and out of the body. With the exception of having an infection or cold, persons with a healthy respiratory system do not experience breathing difficulties. On the other hand, individuals living with chronic respiratory disorders may rely on respiratory drugs to breathe without interruption. Many conditions can slow down breathing. Some are short-term and require temporary use of respiratory drugs. Then again, there are severe or terminal diseases that require the ongoing use of a powerful respiratory drug for survival.


Various diseases affect the respiratory system. These include upper respiratory infections, asthma, emphysema, bronchitis, cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, pneumonia, and a variety of lung diseases. Diagnosing a respiratory problem is sometimes difficult. Many diseases mirror other conditions. Hence, physicians may have a tough time pinpointing the exact cause. However, once a condition is identified, patients are generally prescribed medications to ease discomfort and improve health. During emergencies, a physician may have to administer immediate respiratory drugs. Breathing treatments are common among asthmatics and may treat severe infections. In the case of mild infections, antibiotics are administered.

A respiratory drug’s primary function involves restoring breathing. Various drugs are available. Before prescribing a medication, physicians will likely perform a physical examination and request a patient’s medical history. Prescribing an effective medication is very important. Some respiratory drugs cannot be combined with other medications. Furthermore, patients with specific medical conditions or allergies cannot consume certain drugs. To avoid a negative reaction, doctors have the responsibility of prescribing drugs that will not cause further harm. Nonetheless, patients have the responsibility to alert their physician to all medical conditions and current medications. While taking a respiratory drug, patients must avoid over-the-counter medication and inhalers. These may cause dangerous and potentially life threatening side effects.

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