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Prescription drugs and the health care industry have been at the center of political debate for over a decade. During this time, as mass employers scramble to keep up with the rising rates of group buying power in the insurance industry and the self-insured struggle to budget for health care costs, online drugs have become common place.


The power of the world wide web has given consumers access to a global marketplace where pharmacies outside of the US are now accessible. Online drugs are frequently sought from Canadian pharmacies where some consumers are finding it cheaper to purchase their medications from cash out of pocket than using their insurance coverage.

Even while the debate over prescription coverage continues, the database of online drugs continues to grow. Almost anything that is available at a brick and mortar pharmacy is available online. Most major health care plans that offer prescription coverage allow the ordering of online drugs for any prescription that will be taken for an extended period of time and that can be purchased online or through mail-order in three month supplies for a standard co-pay. However, plenty of people are purchasing online drugs simply to save money or just as frequently, to afford their medications.

Even federally controlled substances are available, which some healthcare professionals worry enables addiction. Yet with any convenience comes responsibility. Patients are told to use caution when ordering from pharmacies outside of the United States as it is not only illegal to import prescription drugs, you can not always be sure of what you are getting. If you are purchasing online drugs, be sure the name and dosage match, always follow directions for storage, and if you have questions about the medication, call a local pharmacist or your doctor.

It is uncertain what the future holds for online drugs, but as health care costs continue to soar out of control for the average consumer, it is likely that the purchasing of drugs online will continue to grow.

Disclaimer: Cliff Schaffer does not personally endorse or support any of the comments made within the writings of this article.

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